CrossFit is a fitness program utilizing barbell, gymnastic, plyometric, cardio, and bodyweight movements. Defined as "constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity," CrossFit provides workouts to improve overall health and fitness in a way that is measurable and repeatable. Movements used in CrossFit reflect the core movements of everyday life and movements are universally scalable to meet the needs of any individual at any skill level. Classes are an hour long and workouts change every day. Each class is led by a CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer and are kept small in order to ensure that enough attention can be made to each member.

CrossFit Fundamentals

A class designed specifically for individuals brand new to CrossFit.  During our Fundamentals class, you will learn some of the basic core movements of CrossFit under the direction of one of our coaches. This class is specifically designed to ensure that new members can perform basic movements properly and safely as well as understand what is expected from each movement. Individuals new to CrossFit are encouraged to take 3 Fundamentals classes prior to attending a regular CrossFit class. Individuals with prior CrossFit experience of who display the ability to perform all movements may forego the Fundamentals classes on a case by case basis.


A high intensity, circuit training class focused on improving cardio and losing fat without the use of barbells or high level gymnastic movements. Classes are open to all members as movements can be scaled to match all skill levels. We recommend Sweat as a supplement to our CrossFit classes for those individuals looking to lean out and burn extra calories.

CFI Barbell Club

A technique and strength oriented class dedicated to the two Olympic lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. During this class you will learn how to perform these lifts properly, safely, and effectively in order to maximize strength and speed. This class is open to all members and is recommended for beginners looking to improve their lifting technique.

Open Gym

The gym is open and available for all members with an unlimited membership to come in and workout on their own. Feel free to use any of the equipment in the gym and work on anything you'd like. While there will always be a coach on site, please be advised that they too may be working out so direct coaching may not be available.